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Swimming with Great White Sharks, Sea Lions and Tuna

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to spend the weekend with a few mates over in Pt Lincoln (south of Ceduna, South Australia) where we cage dived with Great White Sharks (up to 5m), Sea Lions and Tunas (up to 70kg). We had an awesome weekend and would thoroughly recommend that people consider doing it [...]

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Oops…. Still learning…

Over the Christmas holidays I took the family camping down to Augusta. Normally during these Christmas camping trips I am too lazy to go out and shoot my landscape photos however this trip I was filled with enthusiasm and vigour and spent 3 nights out at different locations shooting long exposure panoramics (stitched panos). At [...]

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First post on new blog!

To my millions of fans who don’t even know this blog exists yet, I am pleased to announce that my new blog is ‘officially open’ (thunderous applause and cheering ensues). Seriously, welcome to my blog and the 1st post!   I intend to use this blog as an ad-hoc mechanism to capture my thoughts and provide [...]

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