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Oops…. Still learning…

Over the Christmas holidays I took the family camping down to Augusta. Normally during these Christmas camping trips I am too lazy to go out and shoot my landscape photos however this trip I was filled with enthusiasm and vigour and spent 3 nights out at different locations shooting long exposure panoramics (stitched panos). At [...]

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A changing of the guard?

I’ve recently been looking for a fully manual camera, that shoots in RAW, takes a good shot (i.e. has a good sensor and lens), takes HD video, is simple enough for my wife and kids to use and is small… That’s not too much too ask is it?? I did have my heart set on [...]

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More water drops, this time with explosions!

OK, lots more shots taking with lots more reading of techniques and tips from our friend Google.  I’ve been trying for a while now to capture the little mushroom style water droplet shots where the water creates a little mushroom looking umbrella.  Anyhow, after some more reading I’ve learned that do this you need to [...]

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