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More water drops, this time with explosions!

OK, lots more shots taking with lots more reading of techniques and tips from our friend Google.  I’ve been trying for a while now to capture the little mushroom style water droplet shots where the water creates a little mushroom looking umbrella.  Anyhow, after some more reading I’ve learned that do this you need to let two drops of water go, 100milliseconds apart (that’s 10 drops per second) and as the first drop lands and causes the column of water to rise up, the second falling drop smashes into the column and hey presto you get the mushroom umbrella…

This is all easier said than done as you need to get you water drops falling at the required rate in a consistent fashion and then capture the whole scene which is happening in less than a tenth of a second..  Some people are right into this style of photography and have fancy electronic timers and solenoid valves to electronically time and capture everything and they achieve a very high success rate of good pics however for me where I’m just playing I’m doing it hard core and trying to do everything by hand.

So how did I go?  After setting up my Mariotte Siphon to control my water drops and then took over 300 shots and managed to capture about 8 mushroom umbrella’s of which only two are really any good.  However the whole thing was great fun and I’ll be back out there tonight taking more shots this time though I’ll be using milk as the liquid..

Here’s my best shots of the 300+ taken.

Published October 23, 2011 & Filed in Equipment & Technique,Experimental,Photography

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