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A changing of the guard?

I’ve recently been looking for a fully manual camera, that shoots in RAW, takes a good shot (i.e. has a good sensor and lens), takes HD video, is simple enough for my wife and kids to use and is small… That’s not too much too ask is it??

I did have my heart set on the new Canon S100 which has just been released (late 2011) however after many hours of research with multiple visits to camera dealers to handle the different camera models I’ve eventually settled on the Olympus PEN mini E-PM1.

Straight up I’ll admit it’s not ‘compact’, nor is it particularly pocket’able however it is MUCH smaller and lighter than my Nikon D700 dSLR and with the little Lowepro Edit 100 bag I bought at the same time I find it ticks all my boxes.

Will these mirrorless, inter-changeable lens format cameras be the death of the SLR?

I’m still getting to know my new camera but so far have been really impressed by its handling and picture (and HD video) quality. I hope to post some “Tony Budge Photography” website worthy shots soon after I’ve taken it camping over Christmas.

Published December 18, 2011 & Filed in Equipment & Technique,Photography

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