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Oops…. Still learning…

Over the Christmas holidays I took the family camping down to Augusta. Normally during these Christmas camping trips I am too lazy to go out and shoot my landscape photos however this trip I was filled with enthusiasm and vigour and spent 3 nights out at different locations shooting long exposure panoramics (stitched panos). At the time I noticed that during the photo review on the back of the camera there sometimes seemed to be a line of light running across the photo about a third of the way up however without a laptop to properly check things I assumed that maybe my camera LCD was playing up…

On getting home and reviewing my shots, there was that line, bright as anything and spoiling 80% of all my shots… After some research and worrying about faulty sensors etc I finally realised and proved what the issue was. On my camera’s viewfinder there’s a little closable door which closes the viewfinder to stop light from entering at the back of the camera when you don’t have your eye against it (which I didn’t as I was taking long (30sec+) exposures). DUH. New lesson learnt, RTFM (Read The F#@#$G Manual) and fully understand what your camera does and how you should operate it before wasting those pixels on unrecoverable photos.

At least I’ll know for next time, lets hope I remember to do it though..

Published January 17, 2012 & Filed in Equipment & Technique,Musings,Photography

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