I delight in being able to take photographs that firstly (and most importantly) excite me and secondly that other people appreciate and enjoy.  When taking photographs I attempt to capture the essence of the subject and distil the scene into an image that encourages an emotional response.

At present I don't believe I have a strong photographic style other than I enjoy taking landscape shots of this wonderful planet we share.  Using nature's palette, I am continually looking to experiment and expand my photographic boundaries and knowledge.  I of course have many other favourite photographers who I admire for their individuality, creativity and/or style and some of my shots are a result of seeing someone else's interpretation of an idea and then seeing what I can do with the same subject matter.

I thank you for taking the time to visit my site and view my photographs.  I hope you found a photograph that evoked a special memory or emotion.  I am always happy to discuss my photographs (even when you're not intending to buy one ☺) and can be reached at this email address or on 0438 916 920 (in Australia).

Tony Budge is based in Perth, Western Australia.