Tony Budge Photography offers a choice of landscape, underwater and fine art images.  If you can't find the image you want contact Tony to discuss arrangements for a commissioned photo shoot and I will endeavor to take the shot you're after.

How much do your photographs cost and how do I purchase one?

To view a photographs price, size and printing options or to make purchase simply click on the 'Purchase photograph' link displayed at the bottom of the photograph when viewing it a full size.  For example, you are browsing the small preview photograph images on the PHOTOGRAPHS page and by clicking on a small preview image, the photograph will open in a new window at a larger preview size.  It is at the bottom of this larger preview window that the 'Purchase photograph' link is presented.  By clicking on the 'Purchase photograph' link you will be redirected to the photographs purchase page which contains pricing and size information and also allows you to place your order.

All photograph prices are quoted and supplied as unframed.  Note: canvas printed photographs are priced and supplied with a lacquer coating for protection.

What payment options do I have for a purchased photograph?

Photographs can be ordered online using the secure PayPal service or via a direct bank deposit.  We prefer the PayPal payment system as this provides you with the easiest and most secure method of transferring payments and offers buyers protection.  Note: You do not need to be an existing PayPal member to use this service.  If you are a PayPal member, you can make your payment using your existing PayPal account; otherwise for non-PayPal members you can submit your payment using a secured credit card transaction.  Please note that I (Tony Budge Photography) do not receive your credit card details at any stage.

If you are uncomfortable or unsure about processing your transaction online, please contact me via phone on 0438 916 920 in Australia (+61 438 916 920 if calling from outside of Australia) or via email here and we can provide our bank account details to allow you to make a direct deposit.

All images are supplied with an invoice for proof of sale and insurance purposes.

If you have started to place an order via the PayPal payment system and you decide to cancel you can either;

What do you charge for shipping?

Domestic shipping rates will be calculated automatically during the purchase process and will be shown on the PayPal order form before you commit to buy.  Typically standard shipping within Australia will range from $5 to $15 Australian (AU) depending on the total order value.

For international shipping (i.e. outside of Australia), please contact me for pricing via email before placing your order.  Note: the price for photographs sent overseas will not include any applicable local duties or taxes should they apply.

How would my photograph be shipped to me?

For shipping within Australia I use Australia Posts POSTPak service.  All unframed prints (on paper or canvas) are shipped rolled inside a POSTPak mailing tube with ample padding to ensure they are not damaged.

Where possible we also ensure all shipments are made using registered and/or traceable mail to provide you surety that your purchase will arrive and has been signed for.

For international shipping (i.e. outside of Australia), please contact me via email to determine the best shipping method and the shipping pricing before placing your order.

Why don't you charge for the Goods and Services Tax (GST)?

Although photography is a large part of my professional life, I (Tony Budge) also hold down a 9 to 5 day job (I have to pay for all my photography gear and travelling some way).  As my photography business is not my primary source of income I have an exemption (private ruling) from the Australian Tax Office meaning that I do not have to charge the GST component.  The end result for you (the buyer) is that my photographs are 10% cheaper than a fulltime photographers who has to charge GST!!

For businesses wishing to purchase a photograph I can provide a "Statement by a supplier" form on request.

How would my photograph be printed?

All printing is carried out at a professional print lab and printing of photographs can take up to 14 business days though we typically ship orders within 7 days from receipt of payment.  I will contact you if the shipping of your order is expected to take longer than 14days.

All photographs are printed on archival quality paper and are typically provided in a 'lustre' finish as this is best suited for framing behind glass.  High gloss and metallic finishes are also available on request; please advise me via email here when ordering to discuss requirements.

Alternatively, my photographs can be supplied printed onto canvas and supplied unframed with a lacquer coating for protection from dust and moisture.

What is the 'aspect ratio' and what sizes can I order a photograph in?

My photographs are available in a number of print sizes and aspect ratios.  The 'aspect ratio' determines the 'width to height measurement', for instance a landscape (or horizontal) panoramic photograph has an aspect ratio of 3:1 meaning that the horizontal (top and bottom) sides are 3 times longer than the vertical (left and right) sides.  The following bullet points have more information regarding print aspect ratios.

Please note that some (not many) of my photographs are a non standard aspect ratio (neither 3:2, 3:1 or 1:1).  When ordering a custom sized photograph the print sizes and prices above are listed for the longest side of the photograph.

Can you arrange framing?

If desired I can arrange to get photographs framed at a professional framers with pricing and details for this service made available on request, please contact me via email to determine discuss your requirements before placing your order.

Can I buy any of your photographs at any size?

Unfortunately due to the use of different camera's for different circumstances (i.e. underwater photography etc) some of my photographs may not be available at the larger print sizes.  This is to maintain print detail and quality ensuring you receive a quality product.  If applicable I will advise you of any size restrictions when you have placed your order.  I apologise in advance if the photograph you want is not available at a larger print size however I do this to ensure you receive the best quality product for your money.

Photograph colour representation

All photographs have been colour managed during their taking, processing and presentation on this site.  Colour management and accuracy on computers is not for the faint of heart however to ensure you are viewing my photos as close to the colours intended please ensure you can view all shades (from black to white) on the following image.  If you can't please adjust your monitors 'contrast' and 'brightness' settings until you can differentiate between all shades.

Viewing photographs on this site

This website and photographs have been formatted to display at full size within a monitor/screen resolution of 1024x768.  If you wish to view my photographs in a larger size please contact me at this email address or on 0438 916 920 (in Australia).